Popular IRIS V Features


3-Way Video Conferencing

A three-way video conference call is exclusively available to IRIS V users. It's easy to use this feature:

  1. Call the first party
  2. Press the conference button
  3. Enter the number of the third party and press dial
  4. When the third party answers, press the conference button again

You will be able to see all callers on your screen!

When using Video Conferencing, remember the following:

  • All three parties must be using an IRIS V during the call.
  • It can take up to three minutes for audio and video synchronization to fully tune.
  • The person who is originating the video conference should set their Internet connection speed to low bandwidth to ensure the clearest connection among the three phones.
    • You can check your bandwidth setting, by going to the Settings menu, selecting Network and setting your Bandwidth to Low.
Digital Photo Frame

The Digital Photo Frame feature enables you to copy photos between your phone and a USB device. You can also create albums for your photos and configure a slideshow to display photos on your phone.

Loading Images:

  1. Insert USB flash drive into the USB port on the back of the phone. A pop-up window will display.
  2. Select "Copy Images To Phone" and press "OK." A screen displays showing all the images on the USB drive.
  3. Press "OK" to select the images you want to copy over.
  4. When you are finished selecting images, choose "Copy." The images will appear in your Local Pictures.

After inserting the flash drive, you can also choose to "Make USB Images My Local Slideshow." This option automatically copies the pictures from the USB to the phone and configures the phone to use the images from the USB as the Slideshow.  When the message "Copy complete" is presented, remove the USB.

If you choose "Add USB Images My Local Slideshow," your USB pictures will automatically be copied to the phone and added to the current Slideshow.  When the message "Copy complete" is presented, remove the USB.

To Play a Slideshow:

From the Home screen, select Options/Play Slideshow. You can also play a slideshow directly from a USB flash drive. Insert the drive into the back on the phone and select "Play Slideshow from USB" from the pop-up menu.


If you are not on a call, from the Home screen, select Options, then Self-View and select "OK." You can also enable and disable the Self-View window while on a call by pressing the Left Soft Key.

During a call, Self-View can be moved from its current left placement to the lower right by pressing the Right Arrow Key.  Self View can be moved back to the left placement from the lower right by pressing the Left Arrow Key. 


During a video call, you can take a snapshot of the screen by selecting "Snapshot." The snapshot can be saved to the contact information of the person you are talking to, by selecting the "Save as Contact Image."

Snapshots can also be saved to the phone in the Snapshot Album. Any snapshots saved in this album can be manually added to the Digital Photo Frame slideshow from the Digital Photo Frame menu.
Are there Digital Phone Service codes to access features quickly?

The Digital Phone Service codes allow you to access features on your Video Phone or existing phone quickly. Use the codes below to activate or deactivate certain features.
Note: Some features are only available on the Video Phone.




Activate the Video Phone camera while using the FXS port


Transfer the call from the FXS port to the Video Phone Handset or Speakerphone


Automatic Callback Deactivation


Call Forwarding Always Activation


Call Forwarding Always Deactivation


Call Forwarding Always To Voice Mail Activation

#21 or *23

Call Forwarding Always To Voice Mail Deactivation


Call Forwarding Busy Activation


Call Forwarding Busy Deactivation


Call Forwarding Busy To Voice Mail Activation


Call Forwarding Busy To Voice Mail Deactivation


Call Forwarding No Answer Activation


Call Forwarding No Answer Deactivation


Call Forwarding No Answer To Voice Mail Activation


Call Forwarding No Answer To Voice Mail Deactivation


Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking per Call


Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Activation


Calling Line ID Delivery Blocking Persistent Deactivation


Calling Line ID Delivery per Call


Call Return


Call Waiting Persistent Activation


Call Waiting Persistent Deactivation


Clear Voice Message Waiting Indicator


Do Not Disturb Activation


Do Not Disturb Deactivation


Last Number Redial


No Answer Timer (Change the number of rings before voice mail)


Speed Dial 8


Voice Portal Access


Video Mail

To leave a video greeting for callers when you’re unavailable:

  • Press the voice mail button (Right Soft Key)
  • Enter your 4-digit access code (default is 1234) and press #
  • Press 2 to set up a Busy Greeting
  • Press 5 to Compose and send a new video message
  • After the tone, leave your video message. Pay attention to the Self-View box to ensure you are aligned properly for your message.
Do all ACN Video Phones have video mail capability?
Video mail is available on the IRIS V, IRIS 3000, IRIS 2000 and CIP 6500. Video mail is not available on the Wooksung Video Phone.
My video mail does not work, what do I do?

Ensure you are calling another video phone that works with video mail (IRIS V, IRIS 3000, IRIS 2000 and CIP 6500). Video mail does not work with the phone adapter or the Wooksung Video Phone. You may have call forwarding enabled.  Reference the feature code instructions above to enable/disable call forwarding.

How do I retrieve my video mail messages?
You can retrieve video mail messages just like you retrieve regular voice mail messages. Press the voice mail button, enter your 4-digit access code and press #. Press 1 to retrieve your messages and follow the prompts to save or delete messages.
Can I access video mail from any computer?

Yes, you can manage your video mail message from the Online Account Management section on myacn.com, myacncanada.ca or pr.myacn.com. Simply go to your online account from the Digital Phone Service section. Select ACCOUNT from the Account Management list on the left. Then select MESSAGES. In the subject category, double click the message you would like to hear.

You can also forward messages to others as an email attachment or save them to your hard drive for future reference.

See more about your online account management here.

I have recorded my video mail "No Answer Greeting" but I am not receiving any video mail messages.
Ensure the caller has called from another video phone such as an IRIS V, IRIS 3000, IRIS 2000 or CIP 6500. Check with the caller to ensure they have not pushed the Privacy button. If they have, you will receive a voice mail message instead of a video mail message.
Do I need to press any special keys to leave a video mail message for someone?
No, the video phone will default to a video mail recording screen. Make sure you are positioned in front of the video phone’s camera and leave your message. Simply hang up when you have finished leaving your message. It’s that easy!
Is there a limit to the length of message I can leave?
Yes, video mail messages are limited to 2 minutes.
Is there a limit to the number of messages I can have in my mailbox?

Yes, each mailbox can hold up to 30 megabytes of information or approximately 10 messages.

What if I want to leave a voice mail message without recording a video?

Press the privacy button on your video phone when you see the person you are calling’s video mail message. NOTE: You will still see yourself on the screen but the person receiving the message will only see the ACN logo on their screen

How will I know I have video mail messages waiting?

From your video phone: You will see an envelope (the video mail/voice mail indicator) on the main screen of your video phone.

Email notification: You can choose to be notified via email every time a message is left. To set this up this feature, go to myacn.com, myacncanada.ca or pr.myacn.com, visit the Digital Phone Service page and select ACCOUNT from the Account Management list on the left.

On the IRIS V, next to the envelope will be a counter indicating how many voice mail messages you have.

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