ACN Iris X Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the latest IRIS X enhancements

IRIS X Enhancements:

ACN recently upgraded IRIS X Video Phones. Customers do not need to do anything. IRIS X Video Phones are being automatically upgraded as long as they are turned on and connected to the Internet.

  1. More convenient Wi-Fi configuration
    • IRIS X will automatically scan and detect Wi-Fi security type and most networks will now only require the Wi-Fi key
    • Automatically detect and connect to the strongest Wi-Fi saved network
  2.  HDMI TV out compatibility with HDMI-equipped TVs
    • Requires an HDMI-compatible TV. An HDMI cable with a mini connector on one end and a standard connector on the other end is required and is available at most popular electronic retailers.
    • Compatibility will vary by TV
      HDMI cable
  3.  New Apps and Widgets Twitter, Facebook,, News Videos, RSS News, Movie Trailers, Photobucket, PhanFare and Flickr
    • Twitter: Similar functionality to other Twitter apps.  This is found on the main menu bard as well as the Social Networks folder from the main menu.  Follow ACN at @acnnews.
    • Facebook:  Facebook works well for monitoring your page, but doesn't have the full functionality available on computers.  It is not intended for extensive searching or posting on friend's pages.  Find Facebook in the Social Networks Folder.  To the conversation with ACN use the browser to go to
    • Stock Ticker:  Monitor world stocks in real-time and track specific stock symbols. Available from the Widget Bar of the Main Screen.
    • RSS News:  Monitor Internet RSS feeds in real-time.  App is available from the Widget Bar of the Main Screen.
    • Photo Applications:  Includes Photobucket, PhanFare and Flickr.  Upload, view or search for photos on each of these applications.  Also provides the ability to upload and share photos.
      • Users need to register with the photo app of their choice and log in after the application is loaded
      • Flickr and PhotoBucket allow uploading of pictures from IRIS X storage or from a USB drive.  These two applications also allow for searching photos through the "Search Photos" button
      • Access all three photo apps by selecting Menu-Photos
    • Currency:  Provides latest conversion between different currencies.  App is available from the Widget bar of the Main Screen.
    •  Select preferred music genre and listen and share music online.  An account needs to be set up prior to listening to on-line music.  Access from the Widget bar of the main menu or through Music from the Main Menu.
    • Movie Trailers: Videos of current movie trailers are displayed.

4. Improved browser speed to make web browser easier and faster.

5. Adjustable bandwidth setting to optimize video for faster Internet speeds

Settings                        Required Upload and Download Speed

HD                               1 Mbps
High                             768 kbps
Medium                        512 kbps
Low/Medium                470 kbps
Low                             384 kbps          (default)

Note:  For optimal image quality to an IRIS X video phone, set the IRIS X to Medium, High or HD.

See a diagram of the IRIS X main physical features
IRIS X Diagram
Does the IRIS X have the ability to connect to other phones in my house?
No – The IRIS X is a standalone service and does not allow connection of additional phones or handset extensions.
What is required to use the IRIS X?

Customers will need the following:

  • Broadband Internet connection with a minimum continuous available download and upload speed of 384 Kbps. 
  • A router is required for installation of the IRIS X Video Phone. ACN recommends the Cicso Linksys E1200, which is available at major computer and electronic retailers.
What ports does the IRIS X use?
The IRIS X communicates with the ACN network over UDP ports 5065 and 9000-9020.
Is the IRIS X Wi-Fi enabled?
Yes – Note that you will still need to plug in and connect the power adapter and cord.
I already have ACN Digital Phone Service.  How can I get the IRIS X?

If you're using ACN Digital Phone Service with Phone Adapter or Video Phone as your primary phone service, ACN recommends adding the IRIS X as a Family Plan.

If you have an existing Video Phone but are not using it as your primary phone service, then you may choose to upgrade your primary device to the IRIS X, or add the IRIS X as a Family Plan to your existing account.

In either case, if you already have an existing Family Plan, you may choose to upgrade your Family Plan Video Phone to the IRIS X.
To upgrade, simply login to My Account, select Features and Services from the menu, then select the Add On option.

Detailed instructions are located here.
Can I connect to Wi-Fi in a non-residential environment e.g. Starbucks, business, hotel, etc.?
The IRIS X comes equipped with Wi-Fi.  If you are able to access, and provide the proper credentials, you should be able to log on to the Wi-Fi network.  Note that businesses may filter or restrict video and/or voice calls over their network.
Can I use Mi-Fi or Cradlepoint?
For the most reliable, consistent performance of the IRIS X, ACN recommends a wired Internet connection (DSL or Cable Internet – minimum of 384K downstream and upstream).  Mi-Fi and Cradlepoint use wireless technology to access the Internet (3G/4G) which can be susceptible to congestion, low signal strength and other factors that may degrade performance.  For these reasons, ACN does not recommend or support using these technologies although technically they may work with the IRIS X.
Does the IRIS X support Aircards?
No - To ensure optimal performance, ACN recommends a wired Internet connection (DSL or Cable Internet – minimum of 384K downstream and upstream) and does not support Aircards. ACN does not recommend or support using these technologies although technically they may work with the IRIS X.
Can I use the IRIS X multimedia capability to stream video or other media to other devices in my home?
The IRIS X is not designed to function as a media server.  Video from USB devices does work.
Is the IRIS X Bluetooth compatible or offer a cordless handset option?
A corded handset is available as well as the ability to use as a speaker phone.  There is not a cordless option.
Can I place video calls to FaceTime, Skype or mobile phones using the IRIS X Video Phone?

With primary service, the IRIS X can place voice calls to any device with a working telephone number including mobile phones. Since the IRIS X is configured and optimized to work on the ACN network, it will not complete calls to FaceTime or Skype.

Can there be more than one Video Phone on the same account?


Can I set-up multiple IRIS X Video Phones using the same phone number?

No, unlike traditional phones, you cannot connect more than one Video Phone to the same telephone number. However, you can have multiple Video Phones at the same location, each having a separate number, and all those numbers can be associated with the same account. To use multiple Video Phones in one location, a router is required and ACN recommends the Cisco Linksys E1200.

Can the IRIS X place calls to previous generation Video Phones?

The IRIS X supports voice and video capabilities on calls placed to any ACN IRIS V Video Phone and IRIS 3000 Video Phone purchased within North America. Audio will be supported on all ACN Video Phones.

Does the IRIS X have 3-Way video conferencing?

Currently, the IRIS X supports 2-Way video calling only.  3-Way audio conferencing is supported. Three Way Video calling is a planned future option.

Can the IRIS X project video images onto a larger screen?

The HDMI (TV Out) feature supports many HDMI-equipped TVs.  Please refer to the Features section if you need additional instructions.

What is the term of agreement for the IRIS X?

24 months

What are the early termination fees?

The fees are $199.99, with pro-ration of $5 per month for each month of service. For example, if a customer disconnects service after 10 months, the termination fee will be reduced by $50, for a total of $149.99.

What is the warranty on the IRIS X?

12 months

What features can I manage by feature codes?

Feature codes allow you to access additional features on your phone. The list of features and feature codes are located here.


Can I use the IRIS X Video Phone as my primary phone service?

Yes.  However, it is important to note that the IRIS X is a standalone video phone service and does not allow connection of additional phones or handset extensions.


Can I record a call or video on the IRIS X Video Phone?

This function is not supported at this time.


Can I surf the Internet while on a call?

Yes. During an audio or video call, press the Home button and then tap on Browser (shortcut icon).  To go back to the call details, press the Home button and tap on the Phone icon.



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