Local & Long Distance Frequently Asked Questions

Who can sign up for ACN Local and Long Distance Service?

ACN provides Local & Long Distance Service with coverage in areas throughout the U.S. and Canada. To determine if you are located in an area where ACN provides service, enter your telephone number in the Check Availability Tool

Although ACN cannot accept orders from existing Bell customers, ACN Digital Phone Service may be available. ACN Digital Phone Service provides crystal-clear call quality and the most popular features, making it an easy replacement for traditional local and long distance service.
Who CANNOT sign up for ACN Local and Long Distance Service?
  • Customers outside of the serviceable areas
  • Business customers
  • Cellular customers
  • Customers requiring new service and a new phone number
Can existing ACN Long Distance customers sign up for ACN Local and Long Distance Service?

Yes, current Long Distance customers can choose between the Local plans offered in their area. Your current Long Distance plan will also change. You can place your order for Local & Long Distance Service online at any time. ACN Local and Long Distance does not offer Toll-Free service at this time. If a customer has Toll-Free service with their present carrier, they may keep these services, but they will be billed on a separate invoice.

I have rented a piece of equipment from my current service provider. Can this equipment be transferred to ACN?

Although most equipment is compatible with ACN's service, rental equipment cannot be transferred.

Will ACN Local and Long Distance Service affect my high speed Internet?

If you have Internet access via cable, your service will not be affected.  If you have DSL service, you may experience an interruption or disconnection of your DSL.  Depending on your current Internet service provider, you may need to move your DSL to a separate cable pair from your existing phone service.  For more information and support, please contact Customer Care via online chat.

Will I continue to receive the White Pages and Yellow Pages Directories every year?

Yes, both phone books will still be available and provided to you.

Does ACN offer line protection for the customer's phone lines?

Yes, for a low monthly fee, customers can purchase Line Protect. Damage to a telephone line can result in expensive repair work, but customers with Line Protect can simply contact ACN Customer Care, and should you have an inside wiring problem or a problem with a telephone jack, an ACN Repair Specialist will be sent to your home at no additional cost.

I have two telephone lines on one bill with my current local provider. Can I switch just one of the telephone lines to ACN?

Yes, you may switch one or both lines to ACN.

I have two existing lines with ACN Long Distance. Can I switch just one of the lines to ACN Local and Long Distance Service?

Yes. You can have ACN Local and Long Distance on one line and keep stand-alone Long Distance service on the other line. You will receive two separate invoices for these services.

Will I be left without phone service during the transfer to ACN?

No. However, there may be a brief interruption of service at the time the switch is actually taking place, which generally takes less than 30 minutes and goes unnoticed by most customers.

Is there a charge to switch my service to ACN?

There is no charge to switch to ACN, and ACN takes care of switching service from the customer's present provider. You may still need to make sure that you are not under contract with your present local provider.

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