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Transferring an Existing Wireless Number

Can I keep my current wireless phone number?

Yes, this is referred to as "transferring" or "porting" an existing number. A "transfer my number" screen will be presented in the checkout process when you are filling your cart on the ACN Wireless order portal. Follow the instructions for checking your number transfer eligibility and processes.

Your new device will be shipped to you activated with a temporary number assigned. If you would like to transfer your number from another provider, please call TELUS Client Care (1-866-558-2273) when you are ready to initiate your number transfer.

Can I transfer a landline (local telephone number for my home) to an ACN Wireless account?

Yes, see above. The same process as transferring an existing wireless number applies.

Will there be a period of time during the porting process that I am without service?

There should not be period of time in which you are without service. You will be able to make outgoing calls immediately from your new TELUS phone after it has been activated, but you may not be able to receive calls until the transfer process is complete, which may impact 911 service. However, your old phone should be completely functional during the time the transfer is being completed. We recommend that you use your old phone to make calls to 911 until you have received a text message on your new TELUS phone informing you that your transfer is complete. You can check the status of your transfer by calling TELUS Mobility Client Care at 1-866-558-2273.

Please also be aware that Inter-carrier text messaging may not be available for up to 10 hours after the transfer is complete.