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Is there a limit to the number of ACN Wireless orders that can be placed on one account?

Yes, there is a maximum of (5) subscribers for one account, pending credit approval. Please note that you can only order 2 devices per order.

Can I purchase wireless service for my small business through the ACN website?

No, the ACN Wireless website does not support business accounts at this time.

Can I purchase a memory card for my phone?

Yes, provided the phone model you have selected supports this feature.

Does ACN Wireless offer handset extended warranties?

Yes, Apple Care + is available for purchases of New iPhones, and the Device Protection Plan can be added to any line for $7 a month by calling Client Care at 1-866-558-2273 once you have received your order.

How do I process a claim for service?

Within one year of activation, warranties are handled through TELUS Mobility local Repair Centers. Customers may visit a repair center with their phone, and a technician will determine the issue and whether the handset is covered by warranty. If so, then the customer sends the phone in for repair free of charge. A temporary replacement phone may be provided if one is available.

Can I purchase phone accessories on the ACN Wireless website?

Yes, during the checkout process you will be offered accessories, including phone chargers, batteries, headsets, cases etc. that are compatible for the phone(s) selected for purchase.

Can I purchase wireless accessories (headsets, batteries, etc.) without purchasing a phone or new wireless service plan?

Yes, Accessories are listed beneath each device on the individual handset pages. Select the appropriate accessories only and proceed to checkout. Please ensure the handset is not also selected if you only wish to purchase accessories.

Are international rate plans available through ACN Wireless?

Yes, please contact TELUS Client Care at 1-866-558-2273 once you have received your order to add international features

Will my wireless phone work internationally?

Yes, TELUS offers international roaming with talk & text in over 200 countries, and email and web in over 100 countries, adding new roaming destinations all the time.

Does ACN offer ACN Wireless-to-ACN Wireless free calling?

No, ACN-2-ACN Free Calling is not available between wireless customers or from an ACN Wireless customer to a local or long distance customer, or vice versa. However, TELUS Mobility offers member-to-member free calling for $15 per month. This feature can be added at any time by calling TELUS client care at 1-866-558-2273.

What is a Mobile Internet Key, Mobile Wi-fi Hotspot or Smart Hub?

Mobile Internet Keys, Mobile Wi-fi Hotspots and Smart Hubs provide you with data communication for your laptop, Desktop, Tablet, or Smartphone  anywhere you connect on your carrier's network. These cards allow you to access the Internet, send and receive email and text messages, and connect to corporate networks from just about anywhere - with transmission speeds approaching DSL performance.

Does ACN Wireless offer Mobile Internet Keys, Mobile Wi-fi Hotspots and Smart Hubs Hotspots (broadband cards) for PC and Macintosh computers?

Yes, you will need to check the compatibility of the device you select with your laptop port and your operating system.

Can members of a family living in different area codes sign up for a family plan?

TELUS no longer offers Family Plans, however Nationwide Family calling is now included in all plans for all subscribers who are active on the same billing account, regardless of the user’s area of service.

Will my new phone(s) arrive ready to use or will I have to activate them?

If you ordered a new activation, your device will be shipped to you activated with a new number assigned. Simply insert your SIM card and begin use. If you would like to transfer your number from another provider, please call TELUS Client Care (1-866-558-2273) when you are ready to initiate your number transfer.

If you ordered a contract renewal or device upgrade, please contact the ACN TELUS Activation Line at 1-866-295-0124 (press 7) Monday through Friday 9AM to 5PM EST once you are ready to transfer your service to your new device. Please ensure your device is fully charged before you call us. You must call us from a number other than the one being renewed.
Can I request a "Vanity Number" for my new ACN Wireless account?

Yes, after you have purchased your handset and it has been activated, you may contact Client Care to request a vanity number for your phone. There is a $25 charge for this service. Client Care is available by calling (866) 558-2273.

How do I transfer account line responsibility from myself to someone else?

After the handset has been activated, you should contact Client Care at (866) 558-2273 to change billing responsibility/ownership of the account. There is a $25 charge for this service.