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Why do I need to provide a credit card to place my ACN Wireless order?

As part of your application for service, TELUS Mobility requires a valid credit card number for identity verification purposes. Your credit card will also be billed for any equipment or accessory charges. Your credit card will not be billed for your monthly service. The credit card used must be a Canadian credit card with a Canadian bill-to address, and must be in the name of the account holder. Also, only one order per credit card will be accepted in a 24 hour period.

Can I buy a new phone and not sign-up for a new contract with a wireless carrier?

No, you must sign up for a service when purchasing a new phone from ACN Wireless.

Can I sign-up for a new contract and not purchase a new phone?

No, a purchase needs to involve a rate plan and a phone.

How frequently do the plans and pricing change?

Phone pricing can change frequently (daily, weekly, etc.) to keep up with the current market and competing carrier offers. Therefore, phone pricing is not locked or guaranteed for a specific period of time.

Can I get printed materials, coverage maps, rate plans etc?

The most up to date pricing and plan information is always available on the ACN Wireless order portal.

Who determines if I pass the credit check process when I sign-up for service through ACN Wireless?

TELUS Mobility conducts the credit check for your wireless account and has sole authority to approve the service. You will receive status information regarding your order via email. All customers who require deposits will be notified. No orders will be processed until required deposits are received, without exception. If the customer fails to provide adequate information - they will not be provided service.

In the event a deposit is required in order to receive service, how will this deposit be collected and how much will the deposit be?

Deposits are collected by the ACN Wireless support team. A TELUS representative will contact you to walk through the payment process. Payment can be made with a major credit card or through Western Union. The credit card used must be a Canadian credit card with a Canadian bill-to address.

Security deposits vary in value and are dependent on the customer's credit evaluation. A Credit Limit Program may also be made available to some customers that qualify. These do not require a deposit, but will limit the amount of charges that can be placed on the account.

Can I purchase additional services such as text messaging and picture messaging through ACN Wireless?

Yes, the most popular calling services TELUS Mobility provides, such as text messaging, picture messaging, accessories, etc. are offered on the ACN Wireless order portal during the order process.