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What is Bell TV?

Bell TV has been in the TV distribution business for 10 years and during this time it has been on the cutting edge of the industry. The new satellite will provide the best access in North America, with more iTV (interactive television) and HD channels, as well as improved signal quality and reception. Bell TV was the first television provider in Canada to offer 100 HD Channels.

The Bell TV equipment consists of a satellite dish, a digital set-top receiver and a remote control. The service offers an incredible selection of entertainment choices - all in digital-quality picture and sound. Bell TV offers the best sports, news and weather with interactive services (NHL Center Ice with MultiVu, NFL Sunday Ticket Interactive, TSN Extra, CBC News Plus). Bell TV also offers interactive games - including cool Disney games.

Why Bell TV?

It's simple. Bell TV offers the best HD service in Canada. With the most HD channels and the best receivers, Bell TV is Canada's leading digital TV provider. Offering superb overall value for your entertainment dollar, you'll find many reasons to choose Bell as your TV provider.

Where is Bell TV available?

Bell TV is available through most of Canada. Before ordering, make sure there is ample line of site for dish installation, and that if you live in an apartment or condo, you have the authority to have service installed. To determine service eligibility in your area, call 866-350-8021, Monday-Friday 10 am - 10 pm ET, Saturday or Sunday 10 am - 7 pm.

What are Bell TV's programming options?

In Quebec there are 4 packages available. Basic programming, local networks and free HD Channels when you choose HD equipment are included in the Basic package. Customers can choose A la carte or Pre-assembled packages. HD Theme Packs and Movies are also available.

Customers living in all other provinces choose between 5 packages. This includes Basic Programming, local networks, interactive channels and free HD Channels when you choose HD equipment. They can also add HD Theme Packs, Movies and International combos. French Programming is also available in 4 different packages.

Do I have to sign a contract for my service, and if so, is there an early termination fee?

There is a two-year commitment or month-to-month service, except in Quebec where only month-to-month is offered.

Is there a buyer's remorse period?

There is a 10-day buyer's remorse period. This allows the customer to cancel without being charged an early termination fee. In Quebec service is month-to-month so there is no buyer's remorse period.

What is the Bell TV HD Box?

The Bell TV HD Box enables users to view 3 hours of programming at one time and view up to 9 days of program listings. It also allows users to create an HD favorites list. The HD Box is Mpeg 2 and Mpeg 4 compatible and able to interface for all digital connection to home theatre equipment. USB and Ethernet ports are included. An External Hard Drive turns the Bell TV HD Box into a PVR.

What is the Bell TV HD PVR?

The Bell TV HD PVR receiver does everything the Bell TV HD receiver does and more. It is a Dual Tuner PVR which allows you to watch and record two live programs or record two programs while watching a third. It has a recording capacity of 200 hours for SD or 30 hours of HD recording.

What should I expect when a professional installer comes to my home?

A Standard Professional Installation Gives You:

  • Installation "best practices" and materials that meet industry standards to ensure a high quality audio/video experience.
  • Dish location on your home allowing for optimum performance taking into account, seasonal foliage and snow accumulation.
  • Connection of receiver to phone line (when achievable) for ease of ordering Pay-Per-View events/movies using your remote control.
  • 90-day warranty on your installation.
  • Brief tutorial on how to properly operate your satellite receiver and remote control.

Definition of a Standard Professional Installation:

  • Mounting of dish on a serviceable and secure outside wall of your home.
  • Supplying and installing up to 150 feet (45.7 metres) of associated materials to support one set top box at the primary TV location.
  • Routing of RG6 cable to the primary TV location using either existing pre-wires, new wiring through wall penetration, or appropriate point of entry. (Dual Tuner systems require two direct feeds from satellite dish to receiver).
  • Connecting and activating the receiver.
  • Connecting receiver to a telephone jack in the same room with supplied telephony components or alternative solution.
  • Educating the customer on system use and functionality
  • Providing "best in class" installation practices through qualified technicians that have a "uniform-like appearance" and Bell ExpressVu Photo ID

Line-of-sight Requirements and Other Restrictions:

  • To receive optimal signal from Bell ExpressVu's satellites, an unobstructed Southern exposure is needed (i.e. South-West in Eastern Canada, South-East in Western Canada). Different exposures, or obstruction by buildings, trees or other elements can prevent your satellite dish from being installed.
  • The installer can book a future appointment in the event you require other services performed to prepare for your dish installation. The installer can provide suggestions or alternative solutions to achieve line-of-sight to our satellites.
  • Rental/Lease properties must have written permission from your landlord provided to the installer prior to the start of your installation.
  • If you live in a condo, your Home Owners Association may restrict where your dish may be installed. Please make sure to communicate your planned installation to your HOA in case a restrictive covenant exists.

For Non-Standard Professional Installations:

If you request or require any installation work beyond a standard professional installation such as additional receivers, extensive wiring, special installation hardware or accessories, you may be invoiced on your Bell bill for these additional services. You and the installer should discuss your installation needs and associated costs for any additional service requirements prior to the start of your installation.

Additional services for which charges may apply may include: system upgrades, second receiver installation, second television hook-up, stereo system hook-up (Single/Dual Tuner receiver), chimney mount, pole mount, buried wire and wall fishing of coaxial cable.


  • Professional satellite system installation $0 (2-year term - new customer)
  • Additional satellite receiver installation and activation $0 (during primary system installation)
  • $75 (separate truck-roll for existing customer/
  • $50 extra for each additional receiver)
  • Additional TV outlet $50
  • Backfeed of satellite system to second TV location $50 (single tuner receiver)
  • $0 (dual tuner receiver)
  • Additional mileage over 100 km $0.50 per km
  • Additional labour over 3 hours $50 per hour (billed in 15 min. increments)
  • Fishing of cable through wall $50 per hour (billed in 15 min. increments)
  • Multi-switch (additional accessory) $0 (new customers)
  • $79 single satellite (existing customers)
  • $149 multiple satellite (existing customers)
  • Nimiq 2 Upgrade installation (labour only) $0 (new customers)
  • $85 and up (existing customers)

Customers who sign up for a 2 year term receive free installation for up to 4 receivers, not tuners:

  • Standard professional installation for 2 receivers (not tuners)
  • Installation for 2 additional receivers
  • New customers can select a No Term commitment but will not be eligible for free installation

Call 1-866 350 8021 for more details.


I live in an apartment or condo. Can I get a Bell TV System?
  • Rental/Lease properties must have written permission from your landlord provided to the installer prior to the start of your installation.
  • If you live in a condo, your Home Owners Association may restrict where your dish may be installed. Please make sure to communicate your planned installation to your HOA in case a restrictive covenant exists.
Order Process

ACN Bell TV is available throughout Canada, for new residential customers who purchase their equipment.

By Phone
Call 1-866 350 8021 The customer must have a valid credit card to order service and the card will be charged at the time of the order. Bell TV Installer will visit the home and set the appointment for completion of the install.
Sales and Customer Service Hours: Monday - Friday 8:30am - 9:00pm EST, Saturday 9:00am - 9:00pm, Sunday 10:00am - 6:00pm.

How am I billed for my Bell TV programming?

Bell TV bills for programming services in advance, on a monthly basis. You are billed based on your programming package, plus any Pay-per-Vu! programming you purchase during the month.

You can expect:

  • An initial bill covering a service period of one month starting from the date of activation. For example, if you activated your service on July 22nd, you would be billed for the service period of July 22nd to August 21st.
  • A second bill approximately 15 days after the date of activation for the next service period. This date becomes your regular billing date. For example, your billing date might be August 7th for the service period of August 22nd to September 21st.
  • All subsequent bills will be issued on the same day of the month. In the example above, the regular bill date would be the 7th of every month for the same service period (the 22nd of one month to the 21st of the next).
How am I billed for my equipment?

You are charged for your equipment when you place your order. ACN customers can take advantage of extensive discounts on Bell TV equipment. Please note: You will be charged the full price for the equipment during the order, but you will receive a credit on your first bill.

How are equipment discounts applied?

ACN customers can take advantage of extensive discounts on Bell TV equipment. If you order multiples of the same type of equipment, full discounts may only apply to the first piece of equipment. Ask how all discounts will be applied when placing your order.

Is a deposit required?

Bell TV may require a deposit for the following reasons:

  • You owe money on a previous Bell account
  • Insufficient customer information on order
  • Your credit score is designated as high-risk
  • Any indication of fraud on your account information
What if I want to break my contract?

If you break a 24-month contract with Bell TV, you will be required to pay an early termination fee. The fee is $100 for the first receiver and $50 for each additional receiver.

TV Rental Plan

Effective January 27, 2013
Bell is introducing a rental hardware payment option available to all new and existing Satellite TV and Fiber TV customers.

Nothing is changing how you sell TV. Selling Bell TV and the Bell Triple (where Triple are offered) will be as easy as before. All of the benefits that have made us successful in beating the competition and winning customers are staying the same.

  • The only real Whole Home PVR totally free – cable tries to compare but cannot.
  • No ongoing rental fees – cable hardware fees go on forever.
  • More of the channels you want included in every package – cable makes you pay more for the channels you want.
  • No HD programming fees – cable charges extra (exception Cogeco).
  • Unbeatable Triples – cable makes you pay more for less
  • Rental period is 60 months
  • No transfer of ownership (equipment belongs to Bell)
  • No high upfront costs for hardware
  • Customer does not pay forever
  • Convenience of a worry-free warranty
  • No hardware term

Customers cancelling before 60 months only need to return the hardware with no penalty (at any time) as per the existing process.
Rental and ORS equipment can be ordered at the same time on the same account.

Satellite TV - Customers living in a No Tech Available Area

If the customer cannot self install the dish and hires a technician, Bell TV can reimburse up to $249 for 4 receivers.

  • All receivers must be activated at the same time
  • $99 for the initial receiver
  • $50 (2nd receiver)
  • $50 (3rd receiver)
  • $50 (4th receiver)

The amount is reimbursed for installation only if:

  • Customer is on the 2 year term contract
  • They have the third party installer process their installation cost
  • Refer to Bell for Retail Installer list to inform customer where they can go to have their installation completed
  • The customer must fax Bell the official receipt for reimbursement
  • The $99 (for 1 receiver) or the $249 (for 4 receivers) credit is applied to the account within 4-6 weeks after receiving the official receipt

Customers on a 1 year term contract are not eligible for installation credits.

Please call Call 1-866 350 8021 for more information.