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Do I need a router for connection of my ACN Phone Adapter?

HT701 ACN Phone AdapterWhile some modems function as a router; customers using a single port modem with a cable provider will require a router to use the phone adapter. ACN recommends the Linksys HT701.

What if I don’t have enough physical ports on my router?

An inexpensive Ethernet switch is a good solution to add physical ports to a network.

Can I connect my ACN Phone Adapter to a Wi-Fi network?

No, the ACN Phone Adapter requires a wired Ethernet connection to your router.

How much bandwidth do I need?

Your ACN Phone Adapter requires 128 kbps of continuous bandwidth per concurrent call.

Can I connect a computer to my ACN Phone Adapter?

No, the ACN Phone Adapter requires a wired Ethernet connection to your router.

May I configure or make changes to my ACN Phone Adapter?

Your ACN Phone Adapter comes preconfigured to connect specifically to the ACN network.  This connection enables support of all ACN Digital Phone Service features and functionality.

How do I set up my cordless base station in another room?

Your ACN Phone Adapter requires a direct connection to your router via an Ethernet cable.  This requires the wireless base station to be located adjacent to the Phone Adapter.  This may not be desirable in all circumstances.  You have two options, but please note that ACN technical support may be limited.

  1. Use Home Plugs to replace the Ethernet cable to your ACN Phone Adapter.  This enables the location of your cordless base station in the room of your choosing.  Home Plugs are available at many electronic retail stores.
  2. Reconfiguring your home telephone wiring to enable dial tone throughout your existing telephone wiring and jacks.  Please check here for additional details.
Can I fax from my ACN Phone Adapter?

Faxing was originally developed to work over the traditional telephone network.  While ACN has upgraded its VoIP network to enable faxing within United States and Canada, faxes may not always complete due to a number of reasons, which include the capabilities of sending and receiving fax machines and quality of the network connection.  For these reasons, fax is available as a “best effort service.” Currently, faxing to destinations outside of continental North America is not supported, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.
If you are unable to send or receive a fax, please follow these instructions:

  1. Check to make sure your Internet service is working by visiting several web sites on your computer.  If you are unable to access the Internet, you may be experiencing an Internet outage. Contact your Internet provider to resolve this issue.
  2. Make sure the Phone Adapter is installed correctly.  (See the Installation Guide)
  3. Replace the fax line with a working telephone in the port labeled PHONE, making sure the cord “clicks” in place.   
  4. Refer to your fax machine instructions, as needed, and disable ECM mode.  Set the transmission speed to a 9600 baud rate. Reconnect the fax machine and retry the failed fax with the new settings.
  5. If you are still unable to send/receive faxes (or calls), please contact ACN Digital Phone Technical Support by online chat or phone.
What features do I have with my ACN Digital Phone Service?

ACN Digital Phone Service offers all the popular features you’re accustomed to and want!  Many features can be easily managed through two digit feature codes. The list of features and feature codes can be found here.

How do I know if I have a voice message waiting?

The phone light will blink in 1.5 second (On/Off) intervals.  There will also be stutter dial tone on any phones connected to your ACN Phone Adapter.  Some telephones may also have an icon/light or other indicator of a message waiting.


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