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Transferring Your Service

Can I keep my telephone number?

Yes, you may keep your existing phone number when transferring service to ACN. The first step is determining that ACN offers service in your area. Check local service availability by using the Check Availability tool on in the Local and Long Distance Section.

I have two telephone lines on one bill with my current local provider. Can I switch just one of the telephone lines to ACN?

Yes, you may switch one or both lines to ACN.

I have two existing lines with ACN Long Distance. Can I switch just one of the lines to ACN Local and Long Distance Service?

Yes. You can have ACN Local and Long Distance on one line and keep stand-alone Long Distance service on the other line. You will receive two separate invoices for these services.

Will I be left without phone service during the transfer to ACN?

No. However, there may be a brief interruption of service at the time the switch is actually taking place, which generally takes less than 30 minutes and goes unnoticed by most customers.

Is there a charge to switch my service to ACN?

There is no charge to switch to ACN, and ACN takes care of switching service from the customer's present provider. You may still need to make sure that you are not under contract with your present local provider.

Why can’t I transfer service from my existing local and long distance service provider?

In Quebec and Ontario, ACN Calling Plans are available only to customers who are not currently Bell customers. Although ACN cannot accept orders from existing Bell customers, ACN Digital Phone Service may be available. ACN Digital Phone Service provides crystal-clear call quality and the most popular features, making it an easy replacement for traditional local and long distance service. Check availability here.