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What features are available with ACN Local and Long Distance Service?

ACN offers most of the same calling features as your local phone company, please click here for more information.

Does ACN offer line protection for the customer's phone lines?

Yes, for a low monthly fee, customers can purchase Line Protect. Damage to a telephone line can result in expensive repair work, but customers with Line Protect can simply contact ACN Customer Care at 888-383-8226 or could also use our online ACN chat service. If you have an inside wiring problem or a problem with a telephone jack, an ACN Repair Specialist will be sent to your home at no additional cost.

Are there features I can get from ACN I cannot get from my local telephone company?

Yes. ACN offers Unlimited  ACN-2-ACN Free Calling and low rates within Canada and international calls on select plans. With ACN-2-ACN Free Calling, ACN Local and Long Distance Canadian customers can call any other ACN residential customer in Canada and the U.S. as often as they want, talk as long as they like and it's absolutely free. Make sure to check your plan for this feature.

Do the unlimited plans, ACN Canada Unlimited and ACN North America Unlimited come with free ACN-2-ACN calling? (Quebec and Ontario)

Customers of ACN Canada Unlimited can call anyone in Canada for free. ACN North America Unlimited customers can call anyone in Canada and the U.S. Please read the "Acceptable Use Policy" for more information on ACN's unlimited plans.

Does ACN have a feature that allows the phone to ring differently when receiving a long distance call?

This is a standard feature called Long Distance Alert, enabling customers to hear a different ringtone for long distance calls whether or not they are on the phone at the time.

I have Visual Call Waiting with my present provider, does ACN offer Visual Call Waiting?

Yes, Visual Call Waiting combines Call Display with Call Waiting, allowing the two features to work together so Call Display information is shown when a call is received through Call Waiting.

If I am using a plan that offers free ACN-2-ACN calling, will it remain free if I call an ACN customer who is using a plan that does not include ACN-2-ACN calling?

Yes. Customers who subscribe to plans that include free ACN-2-ACN calling can place calls to other residential ACN customers in Canada and the U.S. for free. However, customers of plans that do not include free ACN-2-ACN calling may not call other ACN customers for free, even if the customer they are calling has free ACN-2-ACN calling for their outbound calls.

Why are some of the per-use features also offered to be selected as a free feature on the order form?

All customers automatically have access to use these features on a pay-per-use basis. If a customer wants to use one of these features without paying each time it’s used, that feature can be selected as an included feature, depending on the Local Plan, or customers may pay a monthly recurring charge. These features include: 3-way Calling (*71), Busy Call Return (*66) and Last Call Return (*69). Call Display Blocking (*67) is available on a call-by-call basis at no charge and it is equipped on most customer lines.

Can I have sub-menus with Voice Mail?
The Extension Mailboxes feature available with Voicemail Message Manager will allow customers to have up to three additional mailboxes added to Voice Mail (Ontario and Quebec only).