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Will the technician install my Digital Phone Service equipment?

The technician responsible for installing your internet service will not handle the Digital Phone Service equipment. Should you wish to have your phone equipment installed you can select that option on your new order or contact ACN at 1-866-913-3445 to arrange an appointment.

What is included as part of my technician visit?

The technician will install the service and ensure that it is fully functional. As your modem is pre-configured simply connect as indicated by the technician and power on the modem.

Should there be any delay between the technician completing the installation and my service becoming active?

No. Your internet service will be functional before the technician leaves your home.

I need additional telephone jacks installed. Is this something the technician can do?

The technician is tasked to enable a single telephone jack for the internet connection. If you would like additional wiring, please contact Customer Care to arrange for an additional site visit to perform any work you feel is necessary. Note that additional charges will apply for this type of field work.

Will the technician call before arriving on site?

No. The technician is committed to arriving at your home between the hours you selected when placing your order.

How will I be notified of a technician visit being required to install my internet service?

You will receive an email confirming your installation date shortly after your order is placed as well as a courtesy call two dates before your visit.

There is an issue with my internet installation after technican has left my home. What should I do?

There is an issue with my internet installation after the technician has left my home. What should I do? If there is any issue with your high-speed internet installation, please contact Technical Support.

Who will be performing the service installation?

A certified Bell technician will be carrying out the installation of your high speed internet service.