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High Speed Internet Frequently Asked Questions

ACN DSL High Speed Internet is available in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Québec.

General Questions

Can customers upgrade their ACN High Speed Internet service easily and inexpensively if they need more speed?

Yes, depending on their proximity to the central office location. Customers will be able to use the same High Speed Internet equipment if they upgrade to a higher speed, providing the service is available at their location. The only additional cost would be the difference between the monthly fee of the slower service and that of the faster service.

Will my Home Security/Alarm System be affected by installing ACN High Speed Internet service?

Every customer installing High Speed Internet service on the same line as their Home Security System may potentially be affected. Thus, we strongly recommend that you perform a test of your home alarm system. You must check with your security company for the processes they recommend. In general, performing a test of the alarm system should indicate if the service is working correctly.
Most security companies recommend regular testing to ensure the system is working, even when High Speed Internet is not present on the line.

If you do NOT have an alarm system or have an alarm system installed on a different telephone line than the High Speed Internet service, then your home alarm should not affect installation. If testing indicates the security system is not working, your alarm system may be malfunctioning or you have special wiring needs and require a professional installation. ACN does not have the capability to perform tests on your alarm system. Thus, you must contact your home security provider to identify the source of the problem..

With ACN High Speed Internet, can customers use Microsoft Outlook or a similar email program, or do they have to use ACN’s email software?
Customers can use Microsoft Outlook and similar email programs with ACN High Speed Internet. Simple step-by-step instructions for setting up Microsoft Outlook with ACN High Speed Internet can be found on our High Speed Internet website at These are third party software and therefore our help is limited to the information contained on the website. If customers are in need of any further help, they should contact the software vendor directly.


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