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What happens when ACN opens a trouble ticket to resolve my issue?

An ACN Technician will perform some simple tests with you while you are on the line. Very often, this will suffice to resolve your issue. In some cases, it will be necessary to send a technician to your house to verify that a good DSL signal reaches the demarcation point. It should be noted that the inside wiring, as per the CRTC, is under your responsibility. A technician will call your home in order to set up an appointment. If the technician is unable to reach you, your trouble ticket will be closed. In order to get quick resolution to your problem, it is important that you provide ACN with a number where you can be easily reached.

With ACN High Speed Internet, can I use Microsoft Outlook or a similar email program?

Yes, you can use Microsoft Outlook and similar email programs with ACN High Speed Internet. Simple step-by-step instructions for setting up Microsoft Outlook with ACN High Speed Internet can be found on our Internet website at, in the Email Setup section. These applications are third party software and, therefore, our help is limited to the information contained on the website. If you are in need of any further help, you should contact the software vendor directly.


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