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High Speed Cable Internet -
Frequently Asked Questions

ACN High Speed High Speed Cable Internet is available to to customers in Quebec.

Will I be able to verify the availability of the service online before placing my order?

You may verify the availability of the service before placing your order by calling our Customer Service department. You may also contact the Internet Serviceability Helpdesk by dialing 1-877-418-3738.

Will my VoIP device make me go over my bandwidth quota?

ACN will allow any residential usage. As long as your usage does not exceed standard residential usage, you will not be penalized.

Can I use an ATA with my Videotron modem?

Yes, the cable modem will be compatible with ATA and video phone.

Will there be an installation required? Will it be a Videotron technician?

In most cases, a Videotron technician will be required to complete the installation of the service.

When will the technician be there? Can I ask for an appointment on an evening?

The appointment with the technician can be booked as an all day, weekday appointment.

Can a customer switch from Videotron to ACN?

Yes, an existing Videotron customer may switch their services to ACN.

Can an existing ACN DSL customer upgrade to cable?

At first, ACN will only allow new customers to subscribe to cable internet services. However, in the future the option to change from DSL to Cable will become available.

What kind of router do you recommend? Will you install it? Can I buy it from you?

ACN recommends using the Linksys e1200 router, however we will not be selling this equipment, and we do not support the installation of a router.

Can I subscribe to other Videotron services?

Your subscription to ACN cable internet will not restrict you from ordering additional cable services directly through Videotron. ACN will not be offering these services at this time, however.

What is the name of the cable modem?

ACN will provide the Thompson DCM475 cable modem.

Is the modem WiFi?

The Cable modem supplied by ACN doesn't support wireless connectivity.

What speeds will be available with ACN Cable Internet?

Please visit for the latest product information.

Is the service available for all of Canada?

No, the service will only be available in Quebec, on the Videotron platform.

When will cable internet be available in other provinces?

At this time, there is no expected date for the service to be available outside of Quebec.

Is cable internet replacing DSL in Quebec?

No, these services will be complimentary to each other.


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