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High Speed Cable Internet -
Frequently Asked Questions

ACN High Speed High Speed Cable Internet is available to customers in Ontario & Quebec.

General Questions

Where is the service currently available?

ACN Cable service is available through Rogers in Ontario and Videotron in Québec. If service is available at your address through those providers then the service will be available by ACN. Final confirmation of service availability will be provided following the submission of your order.

Can I connect ACN's Digital Phone Adapter (ATA) to my Cable modem?

Yes, the cable modem is compatible with ATA and video phone. If you need to connect other devices to your internet connect we recommend purchasing a wireless router.

Can an existing ACN DSL customer switch to cable?

Yes, existing DSL customers may switch to cable using the "Modify your Internet Service" function in the addon section of their customer portal.

What kind of router do you recommend? Will you install it? Can I buy it from you?

ACN has tested and recommends the TP-Link Archer C5 Router. Available at most major electronic and computer retailers. Instructions on how to connect your devices to the router can be found with the device or on the manufacturer's website. For customers in Shaw territory you may purchase the router via your online customer portal.

What if I have other Cable services such as Cable TV?

Your subscription to ACN cable internet will not restrict you from ordering additional cable services directly through your existing provider.

Rogers Cable Customers

Will there be an installation required? Will it be a Rogers technician?

Customers who are currently using cable internet will not require a technician visit. Those who do not currently have internet or are connected via a DSL installation will require a visit from a Rogers technician.

What can I expect if I am currently a Rogers Internet customer and transferring to ACN?

If you currently have internet with Rogers, or a third party cable provider, you will need to request a cancellation of your existing cable service within 24 hours of placing your order with ACN. The date of your requested cancellation should match your requested installation date with ACN. On your due date you will need to swap your current modem for the modem provided by ACN.

Videotron Cable Customers

Will there be an installation required? Will it be a Videotron technician?

In most cases, a Videotron technician will be required to complete the installation of the service.


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