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DigitalTalk® Express – Panasonic KX-TGP550

Installation Instructions

How Do I Install the DTE Base Unit and Cordless Handsets?
  • Please follow the Panasonic KX-TGP550 Installation Guide. Installation Guide
  • Optimal placement of the Base Unit is important for the best quality and range for the Cordless Handsets. 
    • The Base Unit needs to be connected to power and a wired Internet connection. For optimal performance, the Base Unit should be installed in a central, elevated location, free of obstructions. Best performance will occur if the Base Unit is placed away from: automatic doors, fire alarms, TVs, radios, PCs, wireless devices, electrical appliances
  • The charger for the Cordless Handsets can be placed anywhere they can connect to AC power.
    • The charger can be wall mounted. 
  • The Cordless Handsets/Desktop Phones use DECT technology
    • DECT – Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
    • DECT range = 100m outdoors, less indoors depending on walls and other interference.
    • DECT does not interfere with WIFI or other wireless devices.

How Do I Add/Register a Cordless Handset?
    • Your Panasonic KX-TGP550 comes with one Cordless Handset.
    • Additional Cordless Handsets can be added, for a maximum of six Cordless Handsets.
    • To add/register a new Cordless Handset to your base:
      • From the Handset press Menu using the center of the joystick.
      • Select Initial Settings (tool icon) then scroll to Registration on the Handset.
      • Select Register handset.
      • On the Base Unit, press and hold the ALL button for 4 seconds. The status indicator will then turn red.
      • When the handset starts ringing, press the ALL button on the base unit.
      • Press OK on the handset and hold until a long beep sounds.
      • When the handset has been registered successfully with the base unit, the indicator in the top left of the
        handset will change to.


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