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DigitalTalk Express Frequently Asked Questions

Product Overview

What is DigitalTalk Express?

DigitalTalk Express is a simple out-of-the-box phone system for your small business and home office needs.  The service includes:

  • The choice between two business-class digital phone systems, consisting of a base station and handset and/or desktop phones (depends on the phone system model selected)
  • Unlimited local and long distance calling within the U.S. and to Canada
  • Phone system that supports up to three lines or up to 8 lines
How does DigitalTalk Express work?

DigitalTalk Express is a digital phone service that enables you to make and receive calls over the Internet instead of over traditional land lines. The base unit connects directly to your Internet switch or router, and the cordless units and/or desktop phones sync wirelessly to the base unit.

What are the requirements for DigitalTalk Express?
  • DigitalTalk Express requires a wired high speed Internet connection with a minimum upload speed of 384 kbps.
  • ACN does not recommend using a satellite or wireless Internet connection.  Using these types of Internet connection can cause quality of service and registration issues with your DigitalTalk Express telephone equipment.
Does DigitalTalk Express come with Internet access?
DigitalTalk Express requires a high speed Internet connection. You will need to purchase a separate high speed Internet connection either provided by ACN or another carrier.
Can I keep my existing telephone number?

Yes, in most cases your telephone number(s) can be transferred to ACN.  To confirm,  please enter your telephone number and address in the Check Availability  section on the main business page of  See related question “How many lines can I have with DigitalTalk Express?”

Can I get new telephone numbers?

Yes, in most cases ACN can provide you a  new telephone number in the area you desire.  See related question “How many lines can I have with DigitalTalk Express?”

Can I order a traditional phone line for my point-of-sale device, fax machine and/or alarm system?

An option to add a traditional phone line will be displayed as an Analog Line in Step 1 of the ordering process (in areas where available).

What are the terms of service with DigitalTalk Express?

There are contract terms of 2 and 3 years.  You will be required to accept the terms and conditions of service at the time of purchase.

Are there any early termination fees?

Early termination fees are $150.


I have DSL service currently. Can I transfer my telephone number to DigitalTalk Express?

DigitalTalk Express requires a high speed Internet connection. You will need to purchase a separate high speed Internet connection either provided by ACN or another carrier.

Is DigitalTalk Express difficult to install and set up?

DigitalTalk Express is designed to be a simple, self-installation solution that connects to a majority of networks.  More complex networks may require you to make modifications to your network.

Can I fax with DigitalTalk Express?
Faxing technology was originally developed for the traditional telephone network, so ACN recommends using a traditional analog telephone line, either provided by ACN or another carrier. If your faxing needs are minimal and ACN Basic Phone line is not available, you can order ACN digital phone line service.
How many lines can I have with DigitalTalk Express?

DigitalTalk Express service is available with plans from 1 to 8 voice lines. Each line has a unique telephone number. You have the option to transfer your existing telephone number(s) from ACN – or a mix of both to meet your needs.


  • 1 line supports 2 concurrent calls.  Additional calls will be forwarded to voice mail.
  • 2 and 3 lines support 3 concurrent calls.  Additional calls will be forwarded to voice mail.


  • Inbound calls ring through to the main base station and your handsets.  You choose whether you want to answer the call based upon the dialed number.
  • Any line can be used by the base station or handset for outbound calls.


  • Each device (either desktop or handset) must have an associated phone number.
  • Each phone will ring independently (one-to-one ring pattern).
  • Customer can register up to 8 devices to the Base Station
Can I order additional lines?

DigitalTalk Express supports up to a maximum of 8 lines.

Can I purchase additional equipment?


Purchasing additional handsets will offer the convenience of having phone service in more areas of your business.  Each system is capable of supporting up to 6 handsets.


The Base Station serves as a router which supports up to 8 DECT handsets (TPA60 or TPA65)

Can I use my existing telephone equipment?

When you order DigitalTalk Express, you will purchase equipment in order to use the service.  Existing equipment is not compatible.

Can I order additional cordless handsets?

Yes, however, this depends on your existing phone system. If you have the Panasonic KX-TGP550, simply log in to My Account (your online portal) to request additional accessories. (An additional 5 KX-TPA55 handsets can be ordered to be associated with your Panasonic base station.)

If you have the Panasonic KX-TGP600, each additional cordless handset and/or desktop phone must have an associated voice line/telephone number. Additional cordless handsets (or accessories) are not available if the desire is to provide additional handsets to a single voice line.

How is sound quality?

DigitalTalk Express uses High Definition Voice™ technology for the clearest communication possible. HD Voice technology enhances voice quality to make conversations more life-like and vibrant.

What if my equipment breaks?

ACN DigitalTalk Express includes a one year manufacturer's warranty. If any equipment needs to be replaced, you may contact ACN DigitalTalk Express customer support.

Can I order a headset, replacement batteries or other accessories?

Yes - You can order accessories directly from Panasonic at

What is the battery life of my Panasonic cordless handset(s)?


Has a battery that provides a 5 hour talk time and up to 10 days on stand-by.


Has a battery that provides up to 11 hours of talk time and up to 200 hours of standby time.


What payment options are available with DigitalTalk Express?

A credit/debit card is required for purchase and for payment of your monthly charges.  Your monthly invoice will be charged to the credit/debit card we have on file from your initial purchase. You may update your credit/debit card information at any time via your online account.

How to I view my invoice?

Your invoice will be made available via your online account.   At completion of the ordering process, you will receive an email with your username and password.  Your username and password will be required to log in to your online account.

How do I access my online account?

Simply select My Account from the ACN DigitalTalk Express home page or click here.  You will need your username and password established at sign up.

Do I receive an invoice in the mail for my DigitalTalk Express service?

Your DigitalTalk Express service provides online billing only. Your invoice will be visible at any time via your online account.


Does DigitalTalk Express provide features such as Auto Attendant and Hunting?

Auto attendant and Hunting are two features not currently offered with Panasonic KX-TGP550. The Panasonic KX-TPA600 has Sequential Hunting included.

What is Music on Hold?

This feature allows you to play music when a customer is on hold. You can either use the default music or upload your own! This feature only supports .wav files

Accessing Music On Hold:

  • Log into your DigitalTalk Online Account (can be found by selecting the My Account section on the DigitalTalk homepage).
  • Select Group Services on the left-hand side and then select Site Services.
  • Select Music On Hold.
  • Check the box for Enable Music During Call Hold.
  • Select the Message Type then Custom to upload your own music.
  • Click Save.

File Requirements for Music on Hold:

  • File Format: .wav
  • Maximum File Size: 10 minutes
  • Audio Format: CCITT u-Law / Attributes: 8.0 khz, 8 Bit, Mono
  • Most other file formats can be converted to the format above using commercially available software such as:  Sound Recorder (Windows XP), Switch Audio and Audacity

File Conversion using Audacity with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP:

  • Visit Audacity
  • Download Audacity 1.2.6 installer.
  • After installation, launch Audacity 1.2.6.
  • At the top click Edit and then Preferences.
  • Click File Formats.
  • Under Uncompressed Export Format drop down box, select Other.
  • A pop up box appears.  For the Header choose WAV (Microsoft) and for Encoding select U-Law.
  • Click OK, then OK again.


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