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DigitalTalk® Express – Panasonic KX-TGP550

Advanced Features

How Do I Log into My Phone Directly?
  • Description:  You can log into your phone to manage call control functions including Caller ID Blocking, Anonymous Call Blocking, Do Not Disturb, Call Forward Unconditional/Busy/No Answer, and downloading/uploading phonebook entries.
  • Determine the IP address associated with your device.  Press Menu – IP Service – Network Setting – IP Settings - Select.  Write down this IP address.  Press Back.
  • Scroll down to Embedded Web, select On, press Save.
  • With a PC, open a web browser and browse to the IP address written above.  The user name and password you need to login are user/acnvoip.
  • A screenshot of the web page to manage various features on your DTE device is shown below:

Manage Features for DigitalTalk Express

How Do I Upload Phonebook Entries to My Phone?
    • Description:  You can download and upload phonebook entries to and from the Base Unit, as well as each Cordless Handset.  You can save up to 100 entries in the phonebook.
      • We recommend you add your contacts to the Base Unit, then copy them  to the Cordless Handsets using the simple copy function on the Base Unit.  To copy phonebook entries from the Base Unit to a Cordless Handset, select Phonebook, select Menu, select Copy all items, select the Handset to copy the Phonebook entries to.
    • Follow the “How Do I Log into My Phone Directly?” instructions.
    • Select the top right tab = Telephone.
    • To Export (transfer) Phonebook information to a file, select Export Phonebook on bottom left. 
    • To Import (transfer) Phonebook information from a file to your phone, select Import Phonebook on bottom left.
      • Select the Base Unit or Cordless Handset to transfer the Phonebook.
      • Browse to the file on your computer with the names and phone numbers you wish to add to the phone book.
      • You can either upload a file copied from a Base Unit or Cordless Handset, or create a new file as described below.
        • The file must be constructed in a .tsv format (tab separated values).  It is easiest to create the file in Windows Notepad, entering (name) tab (phone number) return for each line of the file, then save the file with a .tsv extension.
        • The format of the file will look like the below:
          Mom    4145551234
          Dad    6085551234
          Bob    2625551234
        • Once phonebook entries are entered in the Base Unit, they can be copied to the other devices by selecting Phonebook, select Menu, select Copy all items, select the Handset to copy the Phonebook entries to.
        • A screen shot of the Import screen is shown below.

    Phonebook Entries - ACN DigitalTalk Express


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