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How can I pay my ACN Digital Phone Service bill? What are the different methods?
ACN Digital Phone Service requires an automatic payment withdrawal from a checking/savings account or a credit/debit card. Your monthly fee, including taxes and surcharges, will be automatically deducted from your chosen payment method on the same date each month. You can update your payment method at any time by logging into My Account.
What happens if my automatic payment fails to go through?
When an automatic payment fails, the customer must make full payment within 8 calendar days or else the Digital Phone Service will be suspended.
Following suspension of my services, what is the delay to have my services restored once full payment is made?

The time frame to restore the services once payment is made is as follows:

  • For a Credit Card payment: within 24 hours following payment
  • For a bank account payment via the ACN Portal: 24 hours
Are there any fees associated with declined payments?

For credit cards, there are no fees for declined transactions. However, declined debit transactions due to insufficient funds will incur a $20 charge. There may be additional fees charged by your financial institution.