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Digital Phone Service Frequently Asked Questions

ACN Digital Phone Service uses your broadband Internet connection (DSL/Cable) to make telephone calls to anywhere in the world. Save money with the residential World Plan which includes calls to 80 destinations around the world including Mexico, India and China -- all for one low price

How does ACN Digital Phone Service work?
When you pick up your telephone, the ACN Digital Phone Service phone adapter converts your voice into data and sends it through the Internet. Our network sends the call where you want it and translates it back into voice. That means when the person you're calling picks up their telephone, it sounds just the same as any other call. When someone calls you, they dial your telephone number, your phone rings, and all you have to do is pick up and answer it.
Does it work the same as my regular phone service?
Once you are connected, pick up your phone and use it just like you do today. The person you're calling doesn't need to have ACN Digital Phone Service or an Internet connection on their end of the telephone call. They just need a telephone. And your phone rings when someone calls you as it always did. You're just connecting it to ACN Digital Phone Service instead of your former phone company.
What are the requirements for use of ACN Digital Phone Service?
  • For ACN’s Digital Phone Service Adapter, you will need a broadband Internet connection with a minimum continuous available download and upload speed of 128 kbps.
  • Under certain circumstances a router may be required to use the phone adapter. Please consult your device’s installation guide for more information.
How do I know if I have the required upload and download speeds for ACN Digital Phone Service?

There are many websites that offer a free speed test.  ACN recommends the following:

Can I keep my existing telephone number?

In most cases, ACN is able to transfer your existing number.  When you switch to ACN Digital Phone Service, simply select the option ‘I want to transfer my existing phone number.’  You will be notified if your telephone number can be transferred.

During the transfer process, ACN will automatically assign you a temporary phone number so you can begin to use your ACN Digital Phone Service right away!   You can choose to keep your temporary phone number as a secondary line (phone adapters only), convert it to a virtual number or disconnect the number once the transfer process has completed.

Transfers take approximately 10 business days from the time you confirm your request. The transfer cannot be stopped once processing has started. Please note that if you have ordered ACN Digital Phone Service bundled with High Speed Internet, you will receive your phone adapter 2 days prior to the High Speed Internet installation date

Note: Toll Free numbers cannot be transferred.

Can my telephone number be transferreds to another carrier if I choose to discontinue my service in the future?
A telephone number can be transferred to another carrier that provides traditional or digital phone service.  In order to successfully transfer your existing telephone number, your ACN Digital Phone Service must be active.  Once ACN receives the transfer request directly from the carrier, ACN will automatically cancel your digital phone service and apply any applicable disconnect fees.
Can I select a new telephone number in a specific area?

If you want a new number, there are two easy ways to accomplish this. You can provide a telephone number in the local network where you want service and we will attempt to provide a number within that area. Or, you can choose a province, area code and location, and we will provide a number in this area.

Can I make International calls with Digital Phone service?
Yes. Calls to International locations are billed at rates competitive with other major providers. And there are no changes to how you make international calls with Digital Phone service. Just dial as you normally would. For a complete list of international rates, please click here.
How will I be charged for my Digital Phone Service order?
At the time of order, your payment method will be billed for all applicable charges including:
  • Equipment Charges (such as Phone Adapter)
  • Shipping and Handling charges
  • Activation Fee (if applicable)
  • Applicable taxes on equipment
Can I choose my own Long Distance Carrier?
By subscribing to Digital Phone service, you are choosing ACN as your Long Distance telephone company.
Does ACN Digital Phone Support Faxing?

Faxing was originally developed to work over the traditional telephone network.  While ACN has upgraded its VoIP network to enable faxing (phone adapter only) within United States and Canada, faxes may not always complete due to a number of reasons which include the capabilities of sending and receiving fax machines and quality of the network connection.  For these reasons, fax is available as a “best effort service.” Currently, faxing to destinations outside of North America is not supported, including Puerto Rico and Hawaii.

If you are not able to send or receive a fax, please follow the following simple instructions:

  1. Verify your Internet service is working by surfing to a few websites (ideally having a direct wired connection to your modem or router).
  2. Make sure the Phone Adapter is installed correctly by checking the following:
      a. Verify the power adapter is connected to the Phone Adapter
      b. Make sure the Ethernet cable is connected and “clicked” into the Phone Adapter’s port labeled as "Internet"
      c. Verify the Phone Adapter’s power light is solid green, Internet light is flickering green and the Phone 1 light is solid green
  3. Replace the fax line with a working telephone in Phone 1, making sure the cable “clicks” in place. Verify you can place and receive normal phone calls. If you are unable to place phone calls, verify your Internet is working and the Phone Adapter is properly installed.
  4. Refer to your fax machine instructions as needed and disable ECM mode and set the transmission speed to 9600 baud rate. Reconnect the fax machine and retry the failed fax with the new settings.
Does ACN support Alarm Systems?
Most alarm systems are not supported. ACN does, however offer packages through our partners (Vivint, Reliance Protectron) that do not require a landline and can be used by ACN Digital Phone Service customers.
Will ACN Digital Phone Service interfere with my high speed Internet or cable modem data/computer connections?
No. ACN Digital Phone Service routes your incoming and outgoing voice and video calls right alongside the data being sent to or from your computer. Therefore, you can use your high speed Internet connection for more than just web surfing. You can make and receive calls while you use your computer to access the Internet, as well as when your computer is off or not connected to the Internet. ACN uses advanced audio compression techniques to minimize the data traffic caused by calls and maximize the bandwidth available for your other Internet traffic.
Can I use my computer when I’m on the phone?
Using ACN Digital Phone Service doesn't affect your computer usage. Continue to surf the web or send and receive email with no problem while you’re talking on the phone. Your computer does not need to be running for ACN Digital Phone Service to work. Our Digital Phone Service uses your Internet connection, not your computer.
Are there Digital Phone Service codes to access features quickly?

Feature codes allow you to access additional features on your phone. The list of features and feature codes are located here.


Is ACN Digital Phone Service Secure?

Yes - ACN employs industry security standards and continually monitors our network to maintain network security.

How do I manage and make changes to my account online?

Learn more here.

Am I able to set up my Phone Adapter?
  • Yes, in fact ACN Technicians are not responsible for setting up the ATA as ACN takes all the necessary measures to assure you have tools available to you to set up your own devices including the Quick Installation Guide included in your Phone Adapter box and also attached to an introduction email when you ordered your service.
Can an ACN Technician install my Phone Adapter?
  • If you request a technician be sent to your home to set up the device, a $125 charge will apply.
  • No extra charges for additional jacks.
  • Available in all of Canada, except in Bell Aliant territories.
Will an ACN Technician be sent to repair an issue with my phone line?
  • If you request a technician be sent to your home to repair an issue with the line, a $125 charge will apply.
  • Available in all of Canada, except in Bell Aliant territories.
Will an ACN Technician install a phone jack for me?
  • If you request a technician be sent to your home to install a phone jack, a $125 charge will apply.
  • Available in all of Canada, except in Bell Aliant territories.
The other phone jacks in the unit where my Phone Adapter is connected are not working. Why is this?

With your Phone Adapter, only handsets that are connected to the device will function, ACN recommends using a single base unit with multiple handsets. If you would like to have your other phone jacks activated you can, however ACN does not recommend activating additional phone jacks as it takes away from the quality of the phone line. If you request a technician be sent to your home to activate your existing phone jacks, a charge of $79.99 will apply. Be advised that this service is only available in Québec and Ontario.

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