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ACN Family Plan

Family Plan provides a convenient and low-cost video calling option for you to keep in touch with friends and family.  Family Plan enables free calling to and from other ACN Digital Phone Service customers. Calls to other telephone numbers, including 911, are not supported.

If I have a phone adapter as my main device, can I add additional Family Plan lines?

You may add a Family Plan line during the ordering process after your initial device has been selected.  You may add a Family Plan line to your existing account by logging in to My Account.  Follow the steps below:

Note that ACN Family Plan lines require the purchase of an IRIS X Video Phone.

If I decide to disconnect my main device on my ACN Digital Phone Service account, will my Family Plan lines also be disconnected?
As long as the invoices for the primary account is paid each month, the Family Plan lines will remain active, although you will not be able to add additional Family Plan lines or primary phone service to that account.
If I am an existing customer with a phone adapter or video phone can I change my plan to the lower priced ACN Family Plan Line?
No.  The phone line you currently have is considered your primary device and may not be downgraded to a Family Plan line.
If I have a Family Plan line can I upgrade to Primary line?
Yes.  First, you will be required to disconnect your Family Plan line so that you may activate your existing device as a primary line.  Chat with Customer Care for details and instructions.
Will 911 and operator services work for Family Plan Lines?
Family Plan lines are discounted lines intended for calls only to and from other ACN Digital Phone Service customers, including video phone customers. Because the Family Plan lines are for use on the ACN network, calls to or from 911 or other non-ACN digital phone numbers will not be available.
Can I ship the video phone I purchased as a Family Plan line to an address other than my own?
Yes.  You may designate the shipping address for each Family Plan line you have ordered.
If my video phone breaks after the 12 month warranty what can I do?
You can purchase a new video phone, which will result in new 24 month commitment.
Is it possible to upgrade a Family Plan line to a primary account?
Yes.  First, you will be required to disconnect the existing service associated with the Family Plan line.  If applicable, an early termination fee will apply.  You may then instruct the owner of the video phone to sign up for a primary ACN Digital Phone Service account by visiting or  He or she will select Sign Up and choose I have an existing ACN Video Phone or Phone Adapter at the bottom of the page.
What name and phone number will display on the Caller ID of the called party of a Family Plan line customer?
The Caller ID will display the primary account holder’s name associated with the Family Plan line.
How long is the contract on Family Plan? Is there an Early Termination Fee (ETF)?
As with all ACN Video Phone contracts, there is a two-year contract on Family Plan lines. An ETF of $199.99 is applicable. This will be prorated down by $5 for each month of service. For example, if a customer disconnects service after 10 months, the termination fee will be reduced by $50, for a total of $149.99.
What are the costs associated with adding a Family Plan line to my existing ACN Digital Phone Service account?
Ordering a Family Plan line requires the purchase of a new video phone.  The monthly recurring charge is $4.99/month/line in the U.S. and Canada.  Taxes and additional fees will apply.
If I decide to upgrade my existing Family Plan video phone to the IRIS X, will my existing monthly rate change?
No.  You will continue to pay the existing monthly rate you have been paying for each Family Plan line, even if you upgrade to a new device.  Upgrading your device does reinstate a new two year commitment.