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ACN Companion

Product Overview

ACN Companion is a feature that you can use to place domestic and international calls from your smartphone by leveraging your ACN VoIP Service calling plan. If you have an iPhone® Android™ device, you can download and install ACN Companion from the App Store or Google Play. See more details.

Ordering ACN Companion
1.  Log in to My Account.
2.  Select My Services.
3.  Select Service Add-Ons.
4.  Select Add ACN Companion.
5.  Follow the step-by-step instructions to complete your order.

During this process you will create a unique User ID and password, which will be used to log into the ACN Companion app.
Downloading and Installation of ACN Companion
  • Visit the Google Play or the App Store to download the free ACN Companion app.
  • Search for "ACN Companion."
  • Install as you would any other app for your smartphone.
  • Once installed, launch ACN Companion and enter your credentials
    • Username
    • Password

If you do not have a unique user ID and Password, make sure you order ACN Companion from within My Account.  See ordering instructions directly above.

Changing Calling Modes

You may use either Wi-Fi or your mobile data network (3G/4G) to place/receive calls with ACN Companion.  It’s important to note that using data will consume data usage allotted from your current mobile phone provider. ACN recommends use of Wi-Fi, where available.

Wi-Fi versus Data
Wi-Fi / 3G/4G
Places calls over the Wi-Fi connection, when available.  If Wi-Fi is not available, call is placed using your mobile carrier's 3G or 4G data network.  This option does not use mobile minutes, but rather data from your mobile calling plan. Data roaming charges may apply if you are outside of your home calling area.

Wi-Fi only
Places calls using Wi-Fi connection only. This setting does not use minutes or data from your mobile calling plan and can be used to place calls when traveling abroad.

iPhone and Android Instructions
Turn off Data Use

  • Select the "Settings" icon from within the app.
  • Select "Preferences."
  • "Use When Available" – Disable
  • "Allow VoIP Calls" - Disable
ACN Companion Features

The ACN Companion app operates similarly to that of your smartphone for placing/receiving calls.

  • View your complete contact list from within the app.
  • View the latest calls that you have placed and select the contact name to call the phone number again.
  • Set your connection preferences (either Wi-Fi or Data).