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ACN BusinessTalk Frequently Asked Questions

Can I sign up for ACN BusinessTalk without existing service?
You must have active phone service with another provider and established phone numbers in order to switch to ACN BusinessTalk.
Can I purchase ACN BusinessTalk if I currently have service with a cable company?
As long as you currently have service with a provider other than ACN you may order the BusinessTalk product.
I am still under contract with my current provider. Will ACN pay my early termination penalties if I switch?
You are responsible for any liabilities you may have with your current provider.
Can I mix and match calling plans on each of my individual lines?
All voice lines must have the same BusinessTalk calling plan on each of the lines ordered.
How do I make changes to my hunt sequence?
You may contact ACN Customer Care by phone or online chat after your service has been switched to ACN. Note that fees may apply to change your hunting sequence.